Thursday, 8 November 2018

Spiritual Fitness Metric

Spiritual fitness is very similar to physical fitness in that it takes consistent hard work and will power to achieve it. 

One does not walk into the gym on day one and carry a 80lb weight, nor can one show so much love so as to carry a cross and give up their life for others, on day one. 

We can start at level zero, and learn to progress, through knowing where we stand and consciously and intentionally taking steps to meet our goals. 

It’s is easy. To weight one’s self we step on a weighing scale. Our spirituality can also be measured; the result of having the Holy Spirit of God is to demonstrate its fruits, 

Love Joy Peace Patience Kindness Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness and Self Control - Gal 5:22

How much love did you show today?
How patient and kind were you? 

Stop. It’s easy to question and judge others but these are best left as self assessments, for only God knows our inner thoughts. 

Let’s ask ourselves and measure out spiritual health on these metrics which are the fruits of the Spirit, 
Am I joyful Inspite of how the day went? 
Did I love my neighbor? Did I go to the gym and carry the cross of Love? 🙂
Was I gentle and kind? 
Did I handle myself well and act intentionally or did I loose self-control?

When we know where we stand, well, we need someone to look up to, like an olympic gold medalist. And in our case we have our God who Himself came down to earth. 

God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit be like “Let’s show them how it’s done”

Jesus humbled Himself and became man, lived a life of simplicity, loved, spread happiness, was kind and gentle to the people even sinners, was full of the Spirit. He loved so much that He forgave the men how hurt and nailed him to the cross. He did so because the will of God was to love and endure and bear the cross.

Let’s assess ourselves every day and see where we stand, learn to manage triggers and improve of expression of love, until we demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit like Christ did.

PS: I wish my watch would track these things as well but it tracks my steps and am happy with my progress! 
For my spiritual health, today has been a tough day, I will still choose to be happy  because Christ lives +100 points 😄