Friday, 25 December 2015

What really matters

It had been a few weeks that I have been getting others' help to get into my appartment building. I had lost / misplaced my key and access card. I cleaned my room completely and it was nowhere to be found.

After several frustrating waits spanning over weeks, I decided to ask the management for a new key but when I asked for the access card I learnt that it was 50$ . I could have paid the money any got it but I wanted to check the house again before I paid so much for the access card.

It took another frustrating wait and difficulty getting into my apprtment before I complained to God. I told Him, that He should not be making me pay extra 50$ and that I used a keychain which was shaped like a cross and the word Jesus. I continuted to express my frustration saying that the whole intent of having that keychain was to not have any trouble becuase of it. Yet this happened. So that means Lord I need not pay attention to such materialistic forms of prayer anymore.

A day or two later I looked while packing for a trip I had taken out my stuff from the bed side basket. At the bottom I saw a cross shaped as the word Jesus. :) :) :)

Now I can get into my appartment safely.

It does not mean that materialistic worship is important. It only means God is an accessible God and manifests Himself through the ways that we perceive Him. This explains the difference between faith and law. The law will show us the right path but through faith there is custom instructions for each individual.
It means that, what matters most is that we have faith!

It also means that God is listening to my most meaningless and unreasonable rants. :) I love you Jesus.